Our People
An all-inclusive multidisciplinary approach.

Our experienced Perth-based team comprises interior designers, specialist consultants, wellness experts, certified builders and project managers who collaboratively design and construct your office and industrial workspaces to reach their full working potential.

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The Wellness Office
A passion for optimising health, inspiration, and productivity in the workplace.

At the core of our approach is a dedication to providing holistic and innovative solutions that optimise the health and wellbeing of the individual, as well as the company as a whole. We seek to transform office interiors into vibrant and positive working spaces.

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Our Portfolio
Results speak for themselves.

See how Globe Expo Group has empowered employees to achieve their best through designing and establishing an inclusive culture of wellness and positivity.

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The Future of Wellbeing and Office Design

At Globe Expo Group, we construct, source, install, and manage office fitouts, refurbishments, and renovations to create the optimal working environment in which health, positivity, and productivity are promoted.

Globe Expo Group is a comprehensive commercial fitout company, focussed on promoting wellness in the workplace through innovative design. We specialise in providing interior solutions that optimise the health and wellbeing of workers – delivering the ‘Wellness Office’ solution. Research has proven that when employees are well, efficiency increases, work-related stresses are minimised and productivity is maximised.

The advantage of Globe Expo Group is our multidisciplinary approach. We deliver an in-house full service – from design through to manufacture and construction. Our project management team provide a single point of contact from start to finish – ensuring that our refurbishment experts work seamlessly.

Not only is time and money saved, but the quality of the product is guaranteed at every phase of the project.   

At Globe Expo Group, we cater to a wide range of projects. Whether your company requires an updated office chair or a complete refurbishment, Globe Expo Group can deliver a quality interior solution.

Discuss your fitout requirements with our project management team today and get an obligation-free quote on how we can optimise your workspace and create a modern and attractive environment for employees and clients alike.

So if you are looking to work with experienced and passionate office fitout experts in Perth who are committed to finding the right design solution, call us today on 1300 797 789 or contact us via our online enquiry.

The affordable design and fit out of offices and workplaces optimizing workers health, client perception and sustainability.
Wellness = productivity = profit


Wellness is a state of optimal wellbeing that, when realised, unlocks our true potential to live healthier, happier, and more successful lives. This quality of life in the workplace is achieved when the workspace is designed to optimise the physical, mental, social, and environmental needs of the individuals, and the working collective as a whole, within it. Wellness is a way of living that holistically incorporates every facet of our lives to maximise engagement and genuine interest in what we do.


The bottom line is: when workers feel well, their productivity is maximised. Research has shown that when employee wellbeing is prioritised, workers are more engaged, take less sick leave, feel a greater sense of camaraderie amongst their teammates, and are more energetic. Ultimately, healthy workers make a productive community, and an office-space tailored for wellness is the first step toward your company’s success and viability.


It makes sound business sense that a more productive workforce will lead to significant improvements in the company’s bottom dollar. As well as economic profit, a focus on wellbeing also provides a cultural profit – as the office or industrial workspace becomes a more positive, cooperative, and harmonised environment, which in turn strengthens the company’s core values. With preliminary focus on wellness and productivity, profit is the natural outcome, and is achieved in a sustainable manner reflecting a company’s integrity.

Our Services

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Refurbishment & Office Fitouts

We co-ordinate and deliver quality fitouts and refreshing refurbishment solutions for businesses on both a small and larger scale.

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Space Planning & Interior Design

We construct bespoke office design solutions based upon each business’ individual space-planning, layout and fitting requirements.

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Project Management & Workplace Consultancy

We provide a “One Stop” solution for all your office fitout needs, with our project management team providing one point of contact throughout the whole process – providing a smooth and streamlined experience for the client.

Our Consortium

Globe Expo Group believes in bringing together the best experts in relevant industries for a collaborative approach in establishing a culture of wellness. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of working spaces and a targeted approach for their improvement.