Wellness = productivity = profit

The Wellness Office Approach

Globe Expo Group are Perth's office fitout specialists, offering project management, interior design, and refurbishment services. We specialise in providing high quality, price competitive commercial fitouts that deliver the ‘WELLNESS OFFICE’ approach.

At Globe Expo Group we believe that it is possible to create an office that improves the wellbeing of the people that inhabit it.

The ‘Wellness Office’ is a workspace that prioritises people. It is based upon the premise that office design should fit the worker, rather than the worker having to fit the design.


Since the identification of "Sick Building Syndrome" in the 1980's, there have been some efforts in transforming more traditional work-spaces into healthier and more vibrant working areas, with the incorporation of more natural light and fresh air, greenery, windows with views of the natural outside, alongside ergonomic principles both in furniture type and layout.

Research has shown that such biophilic principles in hospital settings improve the efficacy of medical interventions and reduce in-patient stays. Similarly, these principles incorporated into an office or industrial interior correlate with positive moods, better sleep and mental hygiene, as well as improved concentration levels: all contributions to increased productivity. The wellness approach is one that focuses on preventative measures over curative to firmly establish a lifestyle of wellbeing.

Globe Expo Group recognises that working life is changing, and life priorities along with it. An office designed to maximise wellness recognises that work is inextricably woven into the rest of our lives, and so it makes sense that a culture of wellbeing is as much a priority in the professional sphere, as well as the personal.


  • Happier, more motivated employees
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved concentration, mental acuity 
  • Reductions in work related ill-health and injuries and a consequential decrease in absenteeism
  • Decrease in staff turnover
  • Improvement in employee relations, with a greater sense of camaraderie and collectiveness 
  • Enhancement in your corporate image and image as an ‘employer-of-choice’


  • Creativity: We pride ourselves on our ability to unite creativity with professionalism. Our designs incorporate inspired design with practical functionality to create innovative work environments.
  • Flexibility: At Globe Expo Group we understand the importance of being flexible. Every work space is different, therefore we are committed to creating individualised solutions for every project. Flexibility is also important in terms of design. We believe that work spaces should be built to have the capacity to change alongside your business.
  • Accessibility & Diversity: We are committed to creating work spaces that are considerate and inclusive. It is our firm belief that a collaborative workspace is a productive workspace.